YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced APK

Youtube Vanced is the modified version of youtube. All the premium features have already been unlocked for free for the user, which is an outstanding benefit. This app allows the user to play any video without ad breaks and download it.

YouTube Vanced

Version: 18.15.40 Size: 80MB Features: No ads Updated: 1 day ago

Today every person uses social media, and let me tell you that YouTube is the most viewed app in the world after Google. So its popularity is also very high, and every person uses YouTube because this app helps the user in many fields.

YouTube Vanced APK

Almost everyone in the city or village does not know how to use all the apps but must know how to use this Youtube Vanced Apk because it has all the facilities for the user. Every type of user can use it. A farmer can understand his farming and a student can take advice about his studies.

That’s why this app has become helpful for everyone, and there are other reasons for its popularity so that the user can do his entrainment. Users will get all the entertainment options in it, so if the user is interested in watching movies, more than one lakh movies are uploaded daily.

Apart from this, many dramas show anime videos and many other things from which the user can do his entrainment. Users can spend their opening time by making their entrainment of all types. This app will not disappoint the user in any way.

About the Youtube Vanced Apk

As we told you, this is an excellent platform for users to watch and download any video. Users can download this modified version from our website and enjoy all the features for free. Users can download this Youtube Vanced Apk without any problem.

If we use the official version, the user gets ad content as in the free version and does not see the background play. At the same time, this modified version gives you all the premium features for free, like background play, ads-free content, and many more features.

Youtube Vanced Apk

This app has helped the user in every field, not only in entertainment, but this app has also grown in many village areas because many teachers have started online classes on this app, which users can read through the internet in any part of the world and learn everything.

The village students used to lag due to lacking good teachers, but now they can study online from any teacher. That’s why now the villages are also developing, and the town’s children are moving forward by learning online, which is very good.

In today’s time, if the user does not understand any question, he can understand it better by putting it on YouTube, for which he needs a different teacher. That’s why the user will get the best teachers in the world who have uploaded their videos.

Features of Youtube Vanced Apk

In this YouTube Vanced Apk, the user will not find any shortage of features, and the advantage is that all the components are free and can be used by the user anytime. Users can play any video or videos of many prominent YouTubers, which users like very much. You will straightforwardly get them.

Suppose I tell you that you will get background play and ads-free content, unlimited downloading, and high-quality graphics, all these features on YouTube for free. So it may be that the user does not believe my words because getting so many paid features for free is challenging. But this modified version gives the user all the parts for free, which will not be available on any other interface.

In this app, the user’s complete focus remains on the content he is watching due to the absence of any break for the user. Due to this, he understands it well and takes a look at it with full entertainment. So I suggest this app.

Ads free content

We watch any movie or show, and if there is a break in between, we get irate because we cannot listen to everything at that time. For this, the user has two options in the official version, either listen to an ad or buy a subscription, for which the user has to pay real money. That’s why we have brought this modified version for you, on which you can watch anything for free without any ad break.

Ads free content

Background play

I felt the best advantage of this app is that it has the option of background play to watch any video while doing more work. Background music is required if the user is traveling or driving because his phone is in his pocket. You can enjoy songs by locking the phone and wearing headphones.

Background play

High-quality video clarity

Any video user will be able to watch well only when its clarity is good because if the graphic quality is not good, then the user will not be able to watch the video properly, so he will not feel like watching videos or movies.

Full HD 4K icon

Unlimited downloads

The user can watch the downloaded video offline so that he will not have to spend his net on it repeatedly because he can download it once. Its second advantage is that sometimes our internet does not work well, so we have nothing to pass the time. That’s why downloading videos became very helpful at that time.

Unlimited downloads

Choose your theme

In this, the user has many types of themes, which the user can set according to his own accord and apply on the app to make the phone look even more attractive.


Free to use

And the best and last advantage that attracts everyone is that all the features are free, which any user can use. By saying any user, I meant that any Android user could download it because this modified version does not support iOS devices.

Free to use


As we all like to watch short videos, the user must play short videos at any time. So users will get daily new short videos because millions of short videos are uploaded daily on this app. It is hilarious and knowledgeable, so you can also enjoy watching the shorts. If the user is interested in all these features, download them and watch full, funny, and romantic videos.


Some important key features

  • In this, the user can download good quality video and save it for a long time.
  • In this, the user can watch any content without any break.
  • This modified version allows the user to listen to any song on the audio player while driving with the phone in his pocket. If you want to listen to music by wearing headphones, you can hear it very clearly.
  • In this, the user gets to see the excellent sound quality to play his songs easily without any problem.
  • Users can play the video in HD or full HD and entertain themselves well.
  • You will observe almost all the films on this app if you also like to watch drama shows or movies like me.
  • All the videos of the world will be available for the user to watch on this app, which the user can play as well as download.

Why Youtube Vanced is the Best

Let me tell you why this version is better than the official version. In this, the user can see many features that the official version charges. But this version gives for free second advantage official version does not allow downloading all videos for free. But from here, the user can download anything without any fees.

A lifetime subscription is not given to the user in the official version, whereas this modified version will provide a lifetime free service. In the official version, the user can take at most a one-year tech subscription, which is very expensive.

Although all the advantages are good, this advantage is also no less particular because the user can customize the speed of his video. And can also auto-repeat the video. If the user puts his video on auto-play and starts it from the playlist, then all his favorite songs play automatically.

How to Download and Install Youtube Vanced Apk

If the user is willing to download this modified version, its latest version is on our website, which the user can download for free. This latest version has just been updated on our website on 27 December 2022.

For your information, let me tell you that this modified version has been downloaded by more than fifty million people, which they are using very well. I would also like to tell everyone that if you have not updated this version, download its new update from our website.

NameYouTube Vanced
FeaturesNo ads, Premium for free
ServerVery Fast
MicroG File Size4MB
Last UpdatedOne day ago
Vanced Manager

If you are wondering whether this version is secure, let me tell you it is high-speed. And the developer says that this app will not harm the user’s phone. So download this app, I will share the straightforward process of downloading it with the user, with the help of which the user will be able to download this app without any risk.

  1. First, press the download button on our website and click the link to the new, updated version.
  2. After that, allow the downloading permission. Now you will see that the app has started downloading.
  3. Wait for some time and let the app download completely. When you are downloaded, then go to your browser’s downloads.
  4. Then double-tap on your file and let the file install. Open the app after it is installed.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions and allow some permissions like storage. And now, the app is ready to use.

Youtube Vanced Apk FAQs

can I watch movies on this app?

Yes, you can watch movies on this app.

Are these apps the same as youtube?

Yes, this is the modified version of youtube.

Does it offer all premium features for free?

Yes, users use all the premium features for free.

How to update this app?

Visit our website and download the latest version of this website.

Final words

vanced YouTube is an excellent online platform where the user can watch all the videos on YouTube for free without any break. Due to this, the user does not need to buy any subscription and can do it for free for a lifetime, and this app is a boon for Android users.

If you also use an Android phone, download it now and keep your enjoyment continuous. With this, the user will enjoy it even more. So download this app now, share your review in the comment section, and tell us how you liked this app. I can confidently say that users will never be disappointed with this app, and after using it, you will find the official version rubbish.

So download it. If any questions are available in your mind, then you ask them in the comment I will try to solve your problem. Thank you for visiting our website. Sorry IF I made any mistake.